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Who We Are

We founded Work While to be THE go-to resource for remote workers searching for reliable and comfortable places to work on the go. With the constraints of the 9-5 office workspace finally loosened, the uncertainty of "workability" was the only remaining challenge to working from anywhere on earth; until now. 

Work While rates hostels, hotels, and short-term homestays across the globe to give you the confidence that you'll be able to tackle any professional challenge that could arise.


How strong and reliable is the wifi? Is the environment comfortable and quiet? Are there enough outlets for your devices? By removing the risk and uncertainty of your booking, you can maintain a professional work schedule from anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and finally, live the life you've always imagined.



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Have you stayed somewhere and had a good (or bad) remote work experience? We want to hear about it!


Check out our blog on tips for how to travel the world working remotely!


Take the Guess Out of Work

Since the start of the pandemic, the remote work industry has boomed, unique online opportunities to earn an income have multiplied, and employees have started to realize what is truly important to them. 

With the new-found flexibility of your office being anywhere, why not make it everywhere?

We want to be a resource for you to make this dream life a reality. 

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